Rooting a NOOKcolor 1.2.0

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I picked up my new NOOKcolor, yesterday, at Barnes and Noble.  As just an eBook reader, it is very impressive.  But, I wanted to the full Android tablet capabilities, not just an eReader.

After searching all around the Internet for reliable instructions, I found a video walk-through on YouTube (, and a text walk-through on (

In short, what this takes is a micro SD card, turned into a bootable SD card, with the new ROM on it.  The walk-through on the xda site links to the needed image writer, the bootable image, and the new ROM.  Those links are as follows:

Image Writer:
Bootable Image:

The video shows a “Install Failed” at the end of the installation.  I received the same screen, and after rebooting it worked fine.  Once the tablet is rooted, it appears to work just like a regular Android tablet.  I just rooted mine, so we’ll see how it goes throughout the day.


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