2018-01-10 News Feed

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Today’s Principle to Follow:
Principle #13: Practice Questioning the Things in Life That we Tend to Take for Granted as Being Normal and Sensible.
   Seek answers for yourself or from those around you. For example, consider your cultural traditions and practices, your religion, the layout of your towns, etc. When you question deeply, yo sometimes find that there are many possible ways to approach any given topic or field. For example, some cultures have gotten along fine without technology even in modern times. There are so many ways a town or city could be built, that way do they all pretty much have the same setup? Sometimes when we question enough, we can find a better way to do things. Perhaps we can even think up an invention or a whole new way of doing things that most people missed.

New Systemd Privilege Escalation Flaws Affect Most Linux Distributions
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Hackers Using Zero-Width Spaces to Bypass MS Office 365 Protection
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Google DNS Service ( Now Supports DNS-over-TLS Security
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Top 10 GDPR Violations and Incidents of 2018
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

How Chinese hackers pulled off the Italian con job, a Rs 130-crore heist
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Detecting All the Things with Limited Data
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Modchips of the State – Technical Feasibility of the Bloomberg/Supermicro Hardware Implants
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

#Metasploit Framework 5.0 Released!
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

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