2019-02-08 Random Interesting Shit

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Today’s Principle to Follow:
Principle #27: We All Harbor Our Own False Ways of Viewing the World.
   We hold false beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world. We are imperfect creatures and so this is inevitable. Never feel that you know everything, or that you are better than anyone else. For all we think that we know, we are probably only aware of a very small percentage of the true reality that is right in front of us. Thing of the fact that all of the creatures in the world have a different perceptual system. Why do they perceive the world the way they fo? Is it because their senses give them the truest view of the world? Not at all. Every creature out there only experiences the world through it’s own senses. It has no idea about any other way of perceiving.
   If you follow the evolutionary theory, it makes sense that our evolution has driven us to a perceptual system that allows us to survive in our environment. This applies to all animals. For example, thing about how we perceive objects as 3-D shapes, but we only actually see the surfaces of them. We can smell , but only within the close range around us. We only feel that which comes into contact with us personally. The range of information we have is very limited, and very prone to inaccuracies.
   Remember that we do not experience everything accurately, as it actually is. We only need to look up ‘logical fallacies’ or ‘cognitive biases’ on Wikipedia to recognize just how many common misperceptions we have. The best we can do is realize this fact, and never allow ourselves to feel that we know it all.

Google Created Faster Storage Encryption for All Low-End Devices
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Swiss Post on e-voting: Discloses sourcecode and conducts public intrusion test from 25 February to 24 March 2019
#hackerstuff #HAckThePlanet

Downgrade Attack on TLS 1.3 and Vulnerabilities in Major TLS Libraries
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

CipherSweet: Searchable Encryption Doesn’t Have to be Bitter
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Using WebSockets and IE/Edge for C2 communications
Using WebSockets and IE/Edge for C2 communications
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

ClusterFuzz – A scalable fuzzing infrastructure which finds security and stability issues in software.
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Spying Challenge 2018: Write-up from a CTF with OSINT, social engineering, physical intrusion & hacking
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

LOLbins and trojans: How the Ramnit Trojan spreads via sLoad in a cyberattack
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Yet another plea against using public WiFi
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Cache Deception: How I discovered a vulnerability in Medium and helped them fix it
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

OSCP Write-up Leaked By “Cyb3rsick”
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Red team hackers crack MHS Genesis
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

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