2019-02-11 Random Interesting Shit

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Today’s Principle to Follow:
Principle #28: The Brain Needs Challenges to Grow.
   It is like a muscle in that way. the brain has plasticity, meaning it uis very adaptable to different needs depending on how you use it. If you think about all of the different kinds of animals that exist, many of them specialize in something. They tend to be specialists in finding or catching a few different kinds of food. Humans are generalists. We can train ourselves to do so many things that to try to make a list of the possibilities would be quire difficult. The more challenges you face, the more chances you will have to excel in different areas. Playing Chess, or figuring out math problems can certainly exercise your brain, but so can juggling. There are many ways to challenge your brain. Don’t assume that one way is necessarily better than another.
   Generally, if you find something that engages you and challenges you, it is helping you brain. It could be either a physical or mental activity. If you learn something passively, or do an activity without much thought, it will not provide the proper challenge. Challenge your brain and your mind will expand.

Android Clipboard Hijacking Crypto Malware Found
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

DEF CON 27 Vendor App is Live!
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

DNSGrep – Quickly Searching Large DNS Datasets

DNSGrep — Quickly Searching Large DNS Datasets

#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

The Incident Response Field Manual
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Evil Twin Attack – The Definitive Guide (Updated 2019)

Evil Twin Attack:The Definitive Guide

#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

I scanned the whole country of Austria and this is what I’ve found – IP cameras, printers, industrial controls to name a few..
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Gorsair – a penetration testing tool for discovering and remotely accessing Docker APIs from vulnerable Docker containers.
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Hack The Box – Ypuffy write-up by 0xRick
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Confidential Computing Challenge (C3)
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

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