2019-02-12 Random Interesting Shit

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Today’s Principle to Follow:
Principle #29: Life is Exciting, Fascinating, and Magical.
   If you take a path that steers you away from seeing this, you might want to reconsider what you are doing. There will never be anyone else quite like you. No one else will every see the world quite like you, or do exactly what you do. Realize that some of the greatest geniuses had abundant energy withing themselves. They needed to have this energy in order to work as much as they did, and to reach the levels of understanding and achievement that they did. The world around us, and the life that is right in front of us can act as an inspiration for us to truly make a difference.
   Some geniuses love life so much that they see it as their mission to protect it, and so they work as biologists or political activists. Other geniuses such as Leonardo do Vinci were so inspired by life that they created some of the greatest art works of all time. Use life to inspire you, to make connections, to understand, and to relate to everything in a deeper way. And don’t forget that you too are a part of this experience we call life.

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