2019-02-27 Random Interesting Shit

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Today’s Principle to Follow:
Principle #39: When You Give Up On A Problem And Quit Looking For Solutions Is Often When You Will Find The Answer.
   Sometimes geniuses become so focused on a problem that they will not rest until they find the solutions. They may stay up nights, seclude themselves, and fixate on an issue, cycling it in their minds over and over. Some geniuses are so persistent that they do not know when to give it a rest. They will continue above and beyond what any normal person will tolerate. Many times, they take their field personally. They believe solving a specific problem is important beyond just for their own reasons, and this motivates them to continue despite a lack of progress. What tends to surprise many great minds is that at the moment they completely give up on a problem and their minds relaxes, they often see he answers in a flash.
   Chess players often talk about how right after they make their move, they immediately see a better move that they should have made. This is because they stopped looking for solutions, and all of a sudden the right way popped into the mind when they relaxes their thoughts. As strange as it sounds, sometimes relaxing your mind and your thoughts is the best thing you can do to find your solution.

New Flaws Re-Enable DMA Attacks On Wide Range of Modern Computers
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Recently Patched Drupal RCE Flaw Discovered Actively Exploited in the Wild

Recently Patched Drupal RCE Flaw Discovered Actively Exploited in the Wild

#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

ConsenSys Diligence Ethereum Hacking Challenge
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

Thunderclap – Modern computers are vulnerable to malicious peripheral devices
#hackerstuff #HackThePlanet

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