The Disruptive Technology Myth

Categories Cloud Computing, Information Technology

via E-Commerce Times

Everywhere you look, the SaaS cloud is being pegged as a “disruptive” technology. Many think that if a solution is “in” the cloud, it is automatically disruptive. Providing something virtually is NOT disruptive; cloud computing is not the disruptor. The real disruptor is how you use it, why you use it and where you use it.

“Disruptive” technologies do not destroy industries — they may, however, create new ones. Whether we like it or not, we are in a constant state of flux. The technology industry, just like any industry, is incredibly dynamic and changing — and with change, comes opportunity.

PC World’s Dan Tynan gets it. He called out “The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations”. … There needs to be a “two-part punch” to really disrupt the status quo. Industries evolve based on new technology, but the real test is how companies use the technology to change their delivery model and sales structure. …