Web developer builds nuclear reactor in Brooklyn warehouse

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It sounds like the premise of an especially geeky comic book: Web developer by day, trailblazing nuclear engineer by night.

Mark Suppes is a Web developer for the fashion house Gucci, but in his off-hours, he tinkers with his homemade nuclear-fusion reactor in a Brooklyn warehouse, unknown to his neighbors. In a video interview with BBC News’ Matthew Danzico, Suppes cheerfully shows the reporter how his reactor works, warning him to step back as the machine activates and emits a small amount of radiation. The reporter is heard laughing nervously in the background, telling Suppes to be careful…

Twitter Gets One Step Closer to Google

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It’s no secret that Twitter has been mostly centered on a “push” mentality – throw enough out there and something will stick, and you’ll gain followers in the mean time. Of course, the more followers you have the better chance of something sticking, or being shared. And, the cycle goes on. But things are about to change. Twitter is on its way to becoming a “pull” interaction – just like another world-famous website, Google.

If you think about Google like a social network, the similarities are clear. As a Google “publisher” your goal is to be listed and get the attention of others. When successful, your content is shared via syndication and links. As a Google “user” you’re there to find information, through search. When you find something you like, you might link to that website, bookmark the page or subscribe to the site’s RSS feed or e-mail newsletter. In other words, you become a “follower” of that website. But imagine if you were to “friend” every website as the result of a search … you would quickly become overwhelmed. Now take all of that and apply it to Twitter. It’s not much different….

Facebook envy? Amazon.com patents social networking system

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Is Amazon.com trying to be the new Facebook? You might think so after reading the e-commerce giant’s new patent for a “social networking system.”

The U.S. patent, granted June 15, “provides a mechanism for a user to selectively establish contact relationships or connections with other users” and “automatically notify users of personal information updates made by their respective contacts.”