Well… What The Fuck…

Categories Annoyances

   So, I was working on a project today, where I’m integrating NetSuite calendar entries into Google calendar. And, apparently my supervisor forgot that she shared her calendar with me for testing this. So, it popped up that she scheduled a meeting with a NetSuite Opportunity Contractor Candidate… Guess that means that, contrary to what she keeps saying, she is looking to fire me.

   It really sucks that they have moved away from being the awesome company that they used to be. When I started there, they were all about getting shit done. Now, they are all about slowing shit down, and making sure that people who do not work get credit for the work others do. Oh well… :/

   At this point, I’m fully expecting to be fired Thursday afternoon. It would explain why she moved our one-on-one meeting to the afternoon (since it is always scheduled in the morning), and I work from home on Fridays. So, I guess I’ll stop by the office and pick up all my crap on Wednesday, just in case. Since I can’t carry it all on my motorcycle.

   I just wish people would appreciate hard work and dedication. I put in 70 hours a week, easily. I’m always on call, and I always answer. But, I don’t make friends with everyone else, because I want to get the work done. But, that does not work out well in a company that is all about the popularity contests… :/

Well, we shall see…